With the use of the most advanced textile technologies, carefully selected raw materials and the support of a specialized team, Ritedu develops its activity throughout the entire production process from conception to the final product.


How we do/ production process


Design/ modeling – the models or designs of each client are developed and transformed into molds for the cutting phase. Next, a prototype is developed to materialize the piece which will allow to verify the best materials and possible rectifications requested by the client.


Cutting – The cutting sector is essential in the production process. After execution and approval of each client samples and model. Our technology allows us to optimize the consumption of fabric, achieving better quality of the product during this process, and rigor in the measurements of each piece, improving our speed and efficiency.


Confectioning – we have all our own production based on high tech equipment and professionalism and deep knowledge of employees, achieving the highest level of quality.


Finishing – this phase is crucial for the final product. It’s where the various components are analyzed in detail: measurement control, quality of confection, control of accessories and applications, etc. The pieces are controled and finally ironed with industrial irons. Afterwards, the
folding is done manually or automatically depending on the type of piece and the specifications of each customer. The customization and packaging is made using labels or applications as per the customer’s instructions.