Who we are

Ritedu Lda is a textile company specialized in the production of shirts for men, women and children.

Founded in 2009, Ritedu is a structured company that internally holds all stages of production from modeling, cutting, confection and finishing to packaging, all within a modern and functional production site.

Product quality, responsiveness, flexibility and advanced technology, together with an exceptional team of dedicated and specialized experts, contributes to Ritedu becoming an increasingly successful reference in the textile sector in Portugal.

In addition to the national commercialization, and realizing the potential of the foreign market, Ritedu started early to market its products to the most diverse countries, such as Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, United States among others. increasingly contributing to its sustainable growth..




The development of the models based on the stylistic and dimensional specifications of the customer, thus seeking to respond to customer requests in a fast and efficient way, achieving high quality standards and high production efficiency.

Ritedu has an organizational program that seeks to develop and retain human resources with talent, competence and flexibility, the necessary arguments for a successful productive operation.






Maintain and justify the trust placed in the company in an increasingly competitive market through the performance of an efficient and motivated team, oriented to the Client, with guarantee of Quality, Rigor and Professionalism.








Provide services of excellence;

Contribute to the success of Clients;

Act with Ethics, Responsibility and Integrity




Quality Policy

Ritedu Lda, aims to create and maintain a solid and trusting relationship with our Customers, so they see us as their privileged partner. Investing in its ability to evolve and meet the Customers requirements, with the most modern technological innovations available in the field.

In this spirit, we are committed to provide solutions according to our Customers requirements, satisfying their needs and exceeding their expectations regarding the quality of the pre and post sale service.

Ritedu provides to all the employees the appropriate professional training, the work tools adjusted to the needs of the production process, and a good work environment so that everyone can contribute to the company’s excellent performance, and to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.